Hotels in Seville and Places to Stay


Seville is not only the capital of Andalusia, but also one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain . Here you can fully enjoy the sunshine, joie de vivre and cosiness. The Spaniards will greet you with open arms and greet them happily in their city hotels and tapas bars. Be sure to give Sevilla a chance and plan your next city trip to this Spanish city in Andalusia.


Traveling to Seville, enjoying is in the foreground. The Spaniards are a comfortable people, clearly recognizable by the daily siesta. How to properly enjoy, they also know in terms of food. Especially in summer you can see people everywhere sitting outside and enjoy some tapas or just have a coffee . For your physical well-being is thus taken care of in Seville. Especially in the evening, not only the bars, but also the restaurants fill, because the Spaniards like to eat late. If you want to join in, you should at least arrive at the earliest at around 8 pm in the locality of your choice. A good address to visit is, for example, the tapas restaurant Casa la Viuda , located right on theCalle Sierpes is located, probably the busiest street in Seville. Here you will certainly find something for a hotel.

Of course, if you have decided on a restaurant, then you should definitely try regional specialties there too. Tapas, just small portions, are available in all possible variations. For example, try pescaíto frito , fried fish and seafood, or cordero a la miel , lamb cooked in honey. You also eat typical Spanish food if you just order a lot of small things for the whole table and try each one of them.


If you are looking for hotels in Seville you should make sure that they are close to the old town, because here you are right in the center. Most of the major attractions are located here, so you can quickly reach them on foot. Whether you prefer cheap hotels or spend the night in a design hotel, it does not matter because Seville has a large selection of accommodation options.

Of course, the old town lures with the usual small streets , which convey an atmospheric ambience. Here you can almost get lost, but this does not necessarily have to be bad, because that’s how you get to know new interesting corners of the city. In addition to the alleys , especially the many small towers characterize the image of the old town and make a popular photo opportunity .

Sights such as the Cathedral of Maria de la Sede are a magnet for visitors within the old town. Not only does this cathedral have something special to offer. Not enough that it used to be a mosque and thus the source of two religions, the building is still the largest Gothic cathedral in the world . Reason enough to take a closer look at this, if you take a city trip to Seville.


Seville’s most important attraction is the Royal Alcázar of Seville . This castle is still inhabited by the royal family when it is in Seville. Built in the Middle Ages, the palace looks back on a Moorish history and was originally used as a fort of the Moors. Many expansions eventually turned it into a palace and gave it its present look, which is shaped by many different influences that have come along throughout history. Be sure to take a tour of the inside of the palace and be enchanted by the impressive interior design.

But there is a lot to see outside too. Numerous gardens are waiting here for the visitors and lure with beautiful flowers in the most beautiful colors. The well-kept garden seduces you to forget everything around you for a moment and to indulge yourself in the beauty of the surroundings. Discover terraces, fountains, gazebos and many more details that make the Alcázar’s gardens so worth seeing.

If you prefer to avoid train stations like the Sevilla Santa Justa train station and prefer to walk to the palace instead of taking the metro, look around for hotels near the Alcázar. The hotel Murillo, for example, does not have the extras of a 5-star hotel, but is cheap and therefore bookable on a budget.


If you are not only in Seville for a weekend, but have a few days more time, it is worth visiting not only the sights of Seville but also the surroundings of the city. There are many more cities around Seville in Andalusia, such as Jerez de la Frontera, the capital of flamenco . Just an hour away from Seville, the city is quickly reached by rental car and can be discovered in peace. Lined in a picturesque environment of vineyards, it can spend really nice hours here.

If you want to experience more nature, visit the national park Parque Nacional Coto de Doñana . The bus takes you in just one and a half hours to this beautiful spot on which you have the opportunity to get to know the flora and fauna of Andalusia. Here you are sure to encounter exotic flamingos or elegant horses. Enjoy a few snacks brought in the middle of the beautiful nature and take a dip in the cool water on the beach for a moment. The national park is a really successful destination for the whole family.

In general, Seville and the surrounding area are great places to spend a few days off. Once here, you’ll soon realize that there’s so much to discover, so you would like to extend your stay in the city and in your hotel by a few more days.

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